Point of Difference

By choosing 23rd Group as your facility management provider, you are selecting a team with a culture steeped in improving the process for routine facility maintenance challenges, reducing costs and always delivering a superior customer service experience.

  • We continuously benchmark technicians through a detailed scorecard process that measures response times, satisfaction levels, administrative compliance and first trip resolution rates.
  • We reduce performance times by ensuring our service teams are adequately stocked with appropriate materials and arrive on site with sufficient manpower and equipment.
  • Our Service Team employs a pre-dispatch protocol, which properly triages service requests, identifies any warranty considerations and confirms the objectives of the service request.
  • Our asset data system tracks: previously used materials, equipment repair history, special site conditions, landlord & equipment requirements, construction plans and material lead-times, which are proven methods for reducing wasteful time on site and eliminating redundant second trips.
  • Our warranty tracking system generates warranty alerts associated with defective materials on previously repaired assets and equipment.
  • Each proposal and invoice is validated through a complex process to ensure administrative and technical compliance.
  • Unlike a typical call center, each 23rd Group client is provided a dedicated Customer Service Team that understands the unique process, expectations and needs for each brand we serve.
  • Our team relies on technology and industry models to develop task allowances on the appropriate ranges for on-site completion times for typical facility maintenance requests.
  • We utilize On Site IVR Validation and software integration to lower administrative costs.