Remediation Services

Don't make the mistake of not hiring trained professionals when it comes to Remediation Services.

Remediation Services

The Challenge

Water, fire, mold, and biohazards can be a significant challenge to remove and fully clean. A quick removal and clean up is necessary, but taking the proper steps to certify that these issues are completely resolved can be a problem. 

The Solution

At 23rdGroup, our team are the experts in water, fire, mold and biohazard removal and remediation services. We respond with urgency and in a timely manner.  All the necessary equipment will arrive and your clean-up will be handled by licensed and trained professionals. Air quality and odor treatments will be ongoing to ensure the best result for your staff and patrons. Don't be sold on the company that is the lowest cost. When it comes to remediation services, companies that cut corners are a problem. Mold has become such a health issue for businesses and can bring on severe sickness to staff and customers. Smoke damage must be handled with the proper equipment that only licensed professionals have access to. Water permeates everything it touches and there is never a quick fix with water damage. 23rdGroup always goes the extra mile to ensure that all surfaces damaged have been addressed. You won't be sorry you called 23rdGroup. Let's get started today.

Services Offered

  • Abatement Services
  • Remediation Services
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Odor Treatments
  • Extraction Services
  • Smoke Treatments
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Emergency Service
  • Violation Remediation


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