Convenience Stores

Long hours and high traffic can really pose problems with maintenance for convenience stores.

Convenience Stores

The Challenge

Your high traffic locations are always in need of different types of repairs and maintenance. Coolers and freezers must be at health department temperatures and maintained responsibly. Floors need constant attention, mats cleaned and replaced, food service counters cleaned, security cameras checked. What about the parking lot which gets more the average amount of traffic? Are the surfaces being maintained properly to ensure your staff and customers are injury-free and safe?  Burnt out light bulbs are a liability for the convenience store. You could call 20 different contractors to help with upkeep. However, that takes a lot of time and follow-up, time which you could spend on other business matters. 


The Solution

By combining our expertise with the right highly-trained and licensed staff, we are able to resolve any issues you may have at one location, or with your portfolio of stores across the United States and Canada. Brand continuity is crucial and 23rdGroup is here to work for you. Whether its exterior services, special equipment repair and maintenance, pest control, HVAC, refrigeration, general maintenance, doors, windows, locks, remediation services, security, lighting, electrical or plumbing, 23rdGroup's dedicated team is ready 24/7, 365 days a year to resolve any problems that arise. All with only one phone call, your customer support representative will handle and deploy the necessary staff and equipment in an unrivaled response time. The way we do business for you will reduce your costs and reduce the headache these issues can bring. 23rdGroup can handle issues without inconveniencing staff or interrupting store hours. Now that's a solution you can't live without. Call us today.