The food service industry presents some very unique challenges that require a team of experts to maintain.


The Challenge

Presentation is everything when it comes to restaurants and we know that it's not all about the food. The cleanliness and high standard of maintenance will speak as loud as the food to your patrons. How can you maintain without inconveniencing staff or interrupting the dining experience? Calling many contractors to handle all the different issues that arise can be time consuming and costly and not everyone is going to take your issues as seriously as 23rdGroup.


The Solution

Unlike a typical call center, each 23rdGroup client is provided a dedicated Customer Service Team that values the unique process, expectations and needs for each brand we serve. We offer an advanced approach that is proven to foster one-trip resolution rates, reduce wasteful time onsite, track warranties on previously-repaired equipment and identify the root cause for recurring issues. Through our pre-dispatch protocol, our technicians arrive on site with adequate manpower, appropriate equipment and sufficient materials to ensure routine maintenance requests are resolved promptly and without unnecessary costs. Restaurants are our expertise and the team at 23rdGroup is your one-stop-shop facility maintenance company.  Whether it's exterior services, special equipment repair and upkeep, pest control, HVAC, refrigeration, cooling, heating, general maintenance, doors, windows, locks, remediation services, lighting, electrical or plumbing, 23rdGroup will resolve all your issues in an unrivaled response time. Your business is our business, whether you are a stand alone location, or part of a vast brand with many units in the portfolio. We care and are ready to tackle any problems you may have. Think of us as your business' best friend. Call today and lets get started.