The goal of the hospitality industry is to "keep them coming back." Designed to accommodate full occupancy, the property must be well lit and meticulously maintained.


The Challenge

Because full service hospitality has so many different aspects, the challenge is having a huge list of contractors that can repair and maintain each individual amenity. Between the exterior parking areas, resort pools and spas and all interior rooms, common areas, stores, lobbies and restaurants, it would be a full-time job for someone to keep up on all necessary repairs and maintenance. Phone calls, code inspections, return contractors to complete a job and the list goes on and on. 


The Solution

Your only solution is to let 23rdGroup handle your single facility or your entire portfolio of real estate across the United States and Canada. Exterior services must be held to a high standard as this is your guest's first impression. Parking areas must be well lit, surfaces maintained and landscape manicured so that your staff and guests are safe on your property. Entrance ways and lobbies have constant traffic and need careful care. Window, doors and locks must be maintained. Special equipment in kitchens, pools, spas, and tiki bars need experts to constantly maintain so there is never down time. Remediation services are critical in the hospitality industry. Your staff and guest's health is at stake. Furniture inside and out needs constant monitoring for replacement. These are some of the many areas that 23rdGroup handles for our vast array of customers. Your dedicated customer service representative is available 24/7, 365 days a year to meet your needs. Just one phone call and it's done. Let's consider together how 23rdGroup can serve you in the future. Contact us today.