Institutions handling finances for the public have high standards that must adhered kept to. This includes the appearance of their facility.


The Challenge

Financial Institutions must always present themselves with the highest standards in every area. This includes entrance ways, bathrooms, floors, carpets, windows etc. When calling contractors or vendors to compete, they must be fully vetted, honest and held to higher standard in order to be exposed to the financial institution. Who do you call to handle these situations?


The Solution

23rdGroup handles portfolios of financial institutions across the United States and Canada. We are keenly aware that your facilities must be exceptional. Parking areas must be neat, free of trash and all surfaces well maintained for your customers' safety. Lighting must addressed immediately and maintenance of the drive-thru areas must be a priority. Of course security must be maintained 24/7 and all aspects monitored on an ongoing basis. Floors and carpets must look brand new and counters must be dust free and spotless. We hold our team to an extreme standard for financial institutions. 23rdGroup takes your business very seriously and we won't stop until all issues are resolved. Call us now.