High traffic, low margins and large ticket sales. Supermarkets want customers to stay in their store and spend money.


The Challenge

Supermarkets fight for every customer and the experience is what keeps them coming back. Most stores have myriads of displays and equipment plus large square footage that needs to be maintained to ensure that the customer has fresh, appealing food and grocery choices. Freezers must work and aisles must be well lit. Floors must be spotless. Parking lots must be bright, surface maintained and entrances maintained on a daily basis.


The Solution

Your dedicated specialists at 23rdGroup are trained in the inner workings of a supermarket. This means specialized vendors and contractors are often required and they must not inconvenience staff or interrupt shoppers. Licensed and professional contractors are the only ones 23rdGroup will send. Keeping customers safe while repairing or replacing equipment is our priority. Whether it's exterior services for your supermarket, special equipment needs in your facilities, pest control issues that need to be resolved, HVAC and refrigeration, general maintenance, doors, windows and locks maintained, remediation services, lighting, electrical and plumbing, you will see that 23rdGroup has your best interest in mind. We serve supermarkets throughout the United States and Canada with multi-location portfolios. We are the experts when it comes to supermarkets, so lets get started with yours today.